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We design, manufacture and supply an innovative software and hardware for contact and non-contact Coordinate Measuring Machines, measuring arms and variety of inspection and metrology equipment.

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Axel 7 2D for Optical Comparators is released.

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At Axel Systems we are dedicated to continually improving our products and delivering the best metrology software possible. Our product development is guided by continually monitoring ever evolving our customer's requirements, technological and market advances. The section below will always keep you up to date with our latest products changes. Also see our Axel 7 top features here.

CNC Surface scanningNew Axel 7 2D for Optical Projectors

User Interface of our new software has been specially selected to work with optical projectors. It has been designed to compliment and enhance features found on DROs units. It interfaces with RO via serial link or USB. The data points are taken with the footswitch or automatically with the Edge Detector if available.


New report generatorNew Vision Software

The Vision software is now available. It adds set of tools to inspect parts with the image probe. It can be used on stand alone Video machines as well as work tiogether with Touch probe. read more

DMIS programmingNew Pipe released

The new version of our Pipe Inspection module has been released. MultiLeg Tube assemblies can easily be inspected, and extended range of pipe features have been added. The results can also be now rendered onto the pipe model.


DMIS programmingUSB Camera and Lighting Controller available

High resolution Deva028 USB camera providing resolution of 2048 x 1576 and Deva022 USB Lighting Controller are now offered as part of our video package.