Axel Tube is a fully packed practical tube inspection of premium built and design!

The Axel Tube Wizard simplifies measurement of manipulated tube, pipe, wire or hose when used in conjunction with Axel Foundation software. Upon entering a description of the component, the Axel Tube Wizard automatically generates a measuring sequence and a 3D graphic.
Tubes may be inspected as prototypes or against their nominal CAD / drawing. During measurement the operator is prompted to measure the designated features of the tube, which are also highlighted in the Measurement Window.

Simplify measurement of manipulated tube, wire or hose with Axel Tube

Bend on Bend Measurement

With Axel Pipe, the operator can choose where to take points for a ‘bend on bend’ construction, and then opt to remove the intersection from the ‘best fit’ if required

Multiple Fit Options

Tube software contains multiple fit options – Best Fit / End Fit / Last End Fit. Rouge or deformed intersection points can also be excluded from the fit. Any geometrical feature such as a bracket or ‘T’ section can also be added.

Multiple Coordinates

Axel Tube allows data / output results to be configured as pipe coordinates or CAD / Car line / Aircraft line coordinates.

Achieve all your inspection needs with Axel Tube

1. Intricate Assembly Measurement

Tube Software can measure tube assemblies, brackets, T sections and intersections, with the accuracy to measure geometrical features against master drawings.

It can measure intricate, intertwined parts with short straights and multiple 180 bends

2. Reverse Engineering Capability

Axel Tube have the ability to measure prototype / development tube assemblies, brackets and end fittings, before saving the measured data as IGES / DXF files and sending it to a CAD system.

3. Production Aid

Axel Tube can be used as production aids to set the position of brackets, end-fittings and ‘T’sections. Simply measure the tube assembly and then use the Digital Read-Out to move the probe head to specific tube / drawing coordinates to set the bracket.

4. Tube End Fitting Measurement

Standard Tube inspection software has build in multiple end fitting types to measure the position and angle in modern day tube assemblies – Square, Angled Face, Jagged and Flange / Banjo.

Tube bender Interface

Bender corrections are send to multiple benders on the shop floor. We support range of bender communication interfaces.

Sending and receiving data via a network is faster and more reliable than manual corrections.

Two stage managed bender correction for added accuracy

Axel can predetermine the over-bend necessary in order to overcome the Springback (Springback compensation).
The compensation can be applied to the data sent the bending machine.

With CAD interfaces to ease your workflow, Axel Tube is meant to simplify the tube inspection. Reliably operates with multiple measuring probes for added flexibility.

CAD data import and export

The nominal pipe data can be imported directly from the CAD model in IGES and STEP formats as standard. For reverse engineering applications the tube results can also be exported to CAD package.

Supported Devices

Tubes are inspected with the support of laser forks, solid probes or point cloud scanning devices.
Direct interfaces are available to portable devices, manual CMMs, point cloud scanning devices or measurement file import.

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