Axel Cloud is a universal 3D inspection and analysis software.

The Axel Cloud is the choice for general purpose measuring arms as well as for multisensor complex inspection systems. It expands functionality of our supported range with point clouds analysis.
It features range of point cloud operations. cloud toolkit for extracting geometric features from Point Clouds, cloud and profile best fit alignment methods as well as data colour map.

Cloud Inspection

Scan Cloud Data

Axel Scan supports range of point cloud digitizing devices to collect live data. It can also operate in the off-line fashion by importing cloud data saved as meshes or unorganised data points.

Import CAD model

Interfaces to various CAD formats are provided. They include IGES, CATIA v4 and v5, ProEngineer, STEP, VDA.

Deviation Map

Calculate scanned cloud deviations from the nominal model and analyse them through the colour map.

Cloud Toolkit

Extract dimensions from point clouds, polygonal models and nominal dimensions from CAD model.
Direct extraction

Toolbox to extract geometric features directly from the cloud/mesh without the need for the nominal CAD model. Available features include: Point, Cylinder, Plane, Torus, Cone, Sphere, Ring, Rectangular and Round Slot.

CAD extraction

Automatic extraction of geometric features from the mesh. Features which have been previously defined from CAD model, are automatically measured on the mesh.

Point Cloud Operations

Cleaning, Filtering and creating meshes from scanned data points.

Alignment Functions

Alignment methods to cover all inspection needs with Feature based best fit with constraints, RPS and 3-2-1 methods.
Best Fit from Cloud

Best fit to align the measured Cloud with the CAD nominal model. Automatic or matching Surface Points pre-alignments are available.

Best Fit from Profile

Best fit to align the measured Cloud cross-section with the CAD nominal cross-section.

Multiple device positions alignment

This alignment mechanism allows moving a measuring device and then continuing to acquire extended section of the measuured part.

With plentiful measurement engine and mathematical algorithms certified by PTB, Axel Cloud is meant to allow users to extract meaningful information from 3D data.

CAD data import and export

Extract measured geometrical features and dimensions from point clouds, polygonal models or probed points. The nominal features and dimensions are extracted from a CAD model. The nominal features and dimensions are extracted directly from a CAD model.

Supported Devices

Our software iinterfaces with wide range of measuring devices such as portable probing devices, point cloud scanning devices, manual and CNC CMMs as well as Vision CMMs.

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Axel Axel CADAxel Cloud
Probe Interfaces
Single point probe (Solid probe, Touch Probe)
Cloud Point Scanner
CAD/IGES/STEP models - build in
Other CAD models (CATIA V6/V5/V4, UG NX, ProE/CREO, SolidWorks)
Data Point Clouds
Polygonal Models
Geometric 3D Datum
Partial Nominal Fit
Surface Points Best Fit
Multipoint, Multi Entity Best Fit
RPS Datum
Best Fit from Cloud
Best Fit from Profile
Multiple Device Position Datum - Leapfrog
2D & 3D Features
Surface Point Features
Edge Point Feature
Intelligent Constructions
GD&T Tolerances
SET Feature for Digitizing
Probe Cross-Section Profile
Extract Cross-Section Profile
Deviation color map display
Repeatable multipart inspection - Go mode
CAD/Cloud Toolkit
Extract 2D and 3D nominal features from CAD
CAD Transformations
Extract Features from Cloud – Direct Mode
Extract Features from Cloud – CAD Mode
Get Feature Nominals from CAD
Multiple CAD Viewer
Cloud Selection Tools
Data Points filtering
Data Points triangulation
Results Reporting
Standard Reporting - Report Preview
Graphics Annotations
Graphics Dimensions
Graphics Result Boxes
Export tp Excel, HTML with templates
Export to PDF
Results Auto Transfer - DDE, Network, SPC, Database
Results SPC History Data Base